Life in Greece

Life in Greece


Kostas Dimacos is a dentist, a creator of beautiful smiles, an excellent scientist, a restless spirit, a passionate professional.
He is a perfectionist and an art aficionado.
The man behind SMILEBITE (, a point of reference, as far as Aesthetic Dentistry is concerned, in the city of Thessaloniki, the place where he lives and works, argues about the power of a smile: 

«The ideal smile does not need to be perfectly symmetrical, flawless or picture-perfect. It should be healthy, natural, white and fitted to the face wearing it. Nowadays, oral health science has both the know-how and the advanced technological equipment that can give to patients an ideal, natural smile, which will improve their self-image, help them feel self-confident and give them an additional reason to smile…

Our smile is the first impression, our image, our means to communicate. It radiates warmth, it can be inviting, it can win you over, it can spread energy and take it back. It remains powerful, despite any cultural, racial or religious barriers. It goes back to the ancient Greek concept of “kallos” (beauty). It was depicted by great painters and intuitive photographers. It was praised and described in works of literature, poems, movies.»

 A few words about dr. med. Dent. Kostas Dimacos:
Kostas Dimacos was awarded the DMD (Dentariae Medicinae Doctor) degree in 1999 and then was specialised on Aesthetic Dentistry at NYUCD
(New York University College of Dentistry, USA). He is a member of the Dental Association of Thessaloniki (OSTh), the Hellenic Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (EAAO), the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry and other scientific bodies. He was the editor of the dental portal DENTISTA, and editor in chief of the dental journals FD and synopsis.

SMILEBITE dental practice is housed in “Megaron Eratyra”, an exceptional architectural edifice built in 1929. Except for its high-end specialized dental equipment and its design, which was carefully chosen, so as to provide to all SMILEBITE patients the safety, comfort and peace they need, Kostas Dimacos also hosts occasionally artistic events, photography exhibitions, social responsibility actions, etc., based on his strong belief that aesthetics should not only concern the science of dentistry, but all aspects of our everyday life.







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