Soul and Greece

“Soul” is a female noun of the ancient Greek language; it comes from the verb psycho=blow. According to Aristotle and Plato, the soul is invisible, evidently it is related to the world of the ideas: it is simple and a synthetic, undissolved and eternal, bright, like the ideas are. The mind that is based on the soul, is the one, that leads to the knowledge of the ideas, and the knowledge of the ideas takes to the knowledge of things. Greece: the etymology of the word “Hellin” is open to debate until today. The most prevailing view is that it comes from the Cellous (“brighten”). According to the archaeological findings, it is believed in the hellenic world there was a human presence 100.000 ago (Palaeolithic Era). Consequently, a country, “immortal” in the course of the years, of the difficulties; a country, which gets reborn out of its own ashes to spread the Greek soul eternally, as eternal a bright idea can be. The soul of Greece is simple and beautiful, immortal, bright, related to the world of ideas.

The Soul of Greece

Welcome to Greece!

Much has been said and shown about Greece over the centuries. All the beautiful images that capture the natural beauty of the Greek islands and landscapes and all the myths and stories that have been written by ancient and modern Greek authors who managed to mark humanity with their wisdom, compose this blessed country with the many "visible" faces. The soul though, is invisible. This primitive energy that we are unable to see, far more what we experience and perceive with our unconsciousness minds. The soul is she who in our case carries all the Greek DNA characteristics that are transmitted from generation to generation.

This is the spirit that gave birth to our urge, need and eventually effort to spread the idea of “The Soul of Greece” worldwide through the photos, experiences and feelings that people share in our page. People that live in Greece or Greeks living abroad who with their way of living, cooking, feeling, their way of laughing, crying and dreaming express our ideas. The Soul of Greece lives in the islands and the cities, walks by the blue sea or hikes on the mountains. All the good hearted men and husbands, all the passionate women and devoted mothers, the fishermen of the remoted islands, the priests of the neighborhoods, the grandmothers that keep the traditions alive, the friends that say yasou, the scientists who struggle to thrive, the revelers that enjoy life no matter what, all we from every corner of the world that realize what Greece is all about, are The Soul of Greece.

This invisible soul of Greece is what we want to introduce you with. Nice to meet you!

The Team of The Soul of Greece

Our Team

  • Antonia Kaspiri

    Creator of The Soul of Greece

  • Konstantinos Velesiotis

    Creator of The Soul of Greece

  • Evelina Syrigou

    Journalist of The Soul of Greece

  • Mara Tabaki

    Event Planning of The Soul of Greece

  • Angela Katsenis

    Social media developer of The Soul of Greece

  • Dimitris Tektonidis

    Film Maker of The Soul of Greece

  • Agaristi Kaspiri

    Marketing Communications Manager (Germany)

Our Aims

The whole of Greece on a single website! The “Soul of Greece” aim: to contribute to the international projection of the country.


    Reinforcement, projection of Greece as a touristic destination. Reinforcement of the image of Greece as being contemporary, immediate, innovative, amicable! It comes from the website’s design, the simple and pure, minimal design.


    To show off and boost the Greeks, the Greek personality, their creativity and their industrious work, their breakthrough with interviews of known, appreciated Greeks and not. The second have not had the chance to prove their abilities until now, a research of theirs or even a daily contribution to all aspects (the working, the social, the humanitarian, the artistic etc.).


    What is his way of thinking, how does he perceive his surroundings, the country he lives in, the rest of the world? With presentations – of every day speech, like questions – answers, we will have the opportunity to get to know his mind and communicate with his soul.


    Spread the winter tourism Agricultural tourism and development of various – special and alternative forms of tourism, connected with the special natural environment: Thermal, Sports, Conventional Tourism. The monuments of UNESCO will be talked about as a continuation of the universal cultural legacy. The follow-up of the Greek entertaining oneself way through the participation in activities. Boost of the consumption of the Greek products.


    To form a communication channel, a social interaction through verbal and visual “messages” in order to exchange information and experiences worldwide directly.

Greek way of thinking - Greek way of living

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